Insight into our product range

We are pleased to be able to offer you a small insight into our varied product range.

Household and Garden

Everything related to the budget……

Household products are often used in everyday life. As a result, we place high priority on quality and durability. 
Our household goods are made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, porcelain and pottery, ensuring a variety in the products we have to offer. 
Especially in everyday objects, it is often hidden, how much Know-how goes into manufacturing them. 

In these areas, we can rely on our experts, who know the markets and can personally and with great commitment ensure that orders are accurate and of the highest quality.

Starting with the coffee machine to the vacuum cleaner…

Electrical appliances are an indispensable part of our daily lives. They are useful and make our lives easier.
The intelligent technology is developing faster every day and innovations advance the market.
What you wish for today, might already be invented tomorrow, and being build just a few days later, or even printed.
From the Aroma diffuser to the hot glue gun, up to a Mini-sewing machine, our we have a wide range of premium Goods to offer. 

We of course always focus on safety, quality, and conservation of resources,
but also the Design and durability of our products are very important for us. 

We work closely with our production partners to be able to always be on the pulse of time. With a wide range of premium Goods to offer. Not only the present is important to us, we always keep one eye on  the future aswell. We design our electric devices to be high in performance, reliable and user-friendly, from the purchase to the demise of the products, they deliver excellent performance and perform their task smoothly. 

From the Practical to the beautiful…

Decoration and furniture for a cozy home. We offer products for decoration in and around the garden.
With our products you can give your garden your own personal touch.
Our products are specifically designed for Outdoor use, so that we can provide our customers with a high level of quality. 

Our decorative lighting for the garden is designed in compliance with defined quality criteria.
Longevity and durability is our focus, to make sure, even on a rainy autumn day your garden will be fully illuminated. 

Glance at the time

Time is one of the most important physical parameters of our lives and with our watches it will be measured. With stylish wrist watches in different colors for Young and Old. We also offer wall clocks and alarm clocks for your kitchen, bathroom, living room or the bedroom. Due to the various Designs, you will always find the right watch for your room. 

Lighting, functional & decorative

Illumination to reach your goal…

Functional lighting is used for safety and orientation. On your property, these can be found at driveways, House or garden gates, but also on paths, steps or stairs so that they are easily recognizable. In addition, functional lighting is used in the home.

Let there be light…

We provide our customers with artificial sources of Light – illumination of interior. 

Our ceiling lights may be used as the main light source in a room depending on your needs, and used. 
Additionally, we offer table lamps as secondary lighting for living rooms. 
We always make sure our lighting products are long living and of high quality. 

Sparkling Decoration…

Atmospheric and harmonious lighting will bring coziness to your home. 
We provide our customers with a variety of light chains in many different shapes and colors for many purposes. 
Whether a string of holiday lights dimmed light or a party light chain for a lively atmosphere.
It is important for us to provide our customers with lots of different lighting concepts for decorative purposes, starting with LED light chains, 
over LED tealights up to other lighted decorative items.

Leisure & Toys Article

With play and Fun..

Children are the Worlds most curious explorer and we should support them!

With our toys, you can not only have fun, play and cuddle, in addition you can learn something. Learning colors, shapes, Numbers, sounds and animal names is playfully easy. For indoors or outdoors, our toys makes every child’s heart beat faster.

Our product range is broad. Wooden toys in great variety, from simple toys to wooden play kitchen or to the sandbox. Children can enjoy themselves with your great variety of toys. In addition, we also provide model cars in a large Variation. Our product portfolio in the area of games are wide and should offer something for everyone. 

Leisure and sports..

Whether for leisure, sports or festivals, we have something for Everyone.

Our product range is growing every year. In great variety, we offer a wide range of leisure products to enjoy.
In addition, we also offer small Gimmix in different variations and colors.

Candles & Decoration

Decoration for every season…

With decoration in the home but only at home. Whether in a small apartment, a large house or in a small shared rooms, you will make anywhere his habitat. Throughout the year, to match the seasons or festive times, we always offer a large choice of decoration options for our customers.

Lights for the right mood…

Candle light in different cultures have different meanings. You will find for every occasion the appropriate candle, we act with a wide selection of wax and electric candles. Our range consists of candles in many colors, shapes and sizes, with or without fragrance aroma. 

Create something yourself – DIY

Creativity is the ability to create something.
With our products, you can let your imagination run wild.

DIY – Do it yourself!
Whether Tinker, paint or decorate it, both young and old enjoy.
Our high-quality selection of arts and crafts articles will make you the artists. 


Innovative and well

Our cleaning products, we have adapted with the help of our many years of experience to your needs and to a whole new Level.
Innovation and experience go Hand-in-Hand. 

Are you looking for cleaning products for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or car, we have the right ones for any application.
In close cooperation with our customers, we are steadily doing our products to be fade. Our cleaning products count:

+ Wipes
+ Sponges
+ Scrubber
+ Gloves
+ Household helpers

Sustainable and Nature

We are focused currently on sustainable cosmetics products:
Make-up removal Pads that can be washed and either directly in a Laundry bag to be delivered. 

For face and body cleansing, we offer Konjac sponges, a vegan products of nature, which are made from the root of
Konjac Plant. Our range of Sustainable products will continue to grow.

When life hands you a pineapple,
make pineappleade.


Wachsmuth & Krogmann imported for more than 200 years ago, fruits.
This Tradition of trade with the pineapple was canned.

For over 200 years Wachsmuth&Krogmann imported fruits in excellent quality, for the industrial and large retail chains.
Whether in slices, in pieces or as a part of the fruit cocktails – from Hand-harvested pineapple convinced not only by the
flavour and is a must in any kitchen. 

The pineapple refined and hold a lot of dishes in a great number of in-house and mainly serves as a Highlight for drinks and delicious Cocktails or the classic Toast-Hawaii.

Three decades ago, the pineapple cultivation began to Lampung in Indonesia. To grow pineapples all year – they are the seasons of the year regardless.

A Plant needs about 18 months until the pineapple fruit is ripe, a second crop can be done after 12 months. After this time, the plants will be harvested and the fields are replanted.

75,000 hectares of Land in the Great Giant Pineapples to build the pineapple places Smooth Cayenne. This plantation is about twice as large as B . the area of Schleswig-Holstein. Per hectare of Land approx. of 65,000 plants are planted.

Pineapple fruits are harvested by Hand and then within three hours in doses assembled. The complete process – from the center to the sterilization – is just an hour and with the Fresh Fruit in the can. The fruits are Packed according to the U. S. A. Food and Drug Administration Standard.

Great Giant Pineapples currently employs approximately 14,000 of workers – both on and off the field in the ultra-modern cans-factory to ensure the labor-intensive cultivation and the daily production capacity of approximately 42 x 20‘ containers. This corresponds to a daily harvest of about 70 tons of pineapple the perfect ripeness, and color.

The factory is certified worldwide by eligible organizations , such as IFS, BRT, BSCI, SA 800, etc.

We look forward for XXX exclusive trade to be a partner of the Great Giant Pineapples.