Candles & Decoration

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Decoration for every season...

With decoration in the home but only at home. Whether in a small apartment, a large house or in a small shared rooms, you will make anywhere his habitat. Throughout the year, to match the seasons or festive times, we always offer a large choice of decoration options for our customers.

Lights for the right mood...

Candle light in different cultures have different meanings. You will find for every occasion the appropriate candle, we act with a wide selection of wax and electric candles. Our range consists of candles in many colors, shapes and sizes, with or without fragrance aroma. 

Yourself to create something...

Creativity is the ability to create something.
With our products, you can let your imagination run wild.

DIY – Do it yourself!
Whether Tinker, paint or decorate it, both young and old enjoy.
Our high-quality selection of arts and crafts articles have each of the artists.