Wachsmuth & Krogmann imported for more than 200 years ago, fruits.
This Tradition of trade with the pineapple was canned.

For over 200 years Wachsmuth&Krogmann imported fruits in excellent quality, for the industrial and large retail chains. Whether in slices, in pieces or as a part of the fruit cocktails – from Hand-harvested pineapple convinced not only by the flavour and is a must in any kitchen. 

The pineapple refined and hold a lot of dishes in a great number of in-house and mainly serves as a Highlight for drinks and delicious Cocktails or the classic Toast-Hawaii.

Three decades ago, the pineapple cultivation began to Lampung in Indonesia. To grow pineapples all year – they are the seasons of the year regardless.

A Plant needs about 18 months until the pineapple fruit is ripe, a second crop can be done after 12 months. After this time, the plants will be harvested and the fields are replanted.

75,000 hectares of Land in the Great Giant Pineapples to build the pineapple places Smooth Cayenne. This plantation is about twice as large as B . the area of Schleswig-Holstein. Per hectare of Land approx. of 65,000 plants are planted.

Pineapple fruits are harvested by Hand and then within three hours in doses assembled. The complete process – from the center to the sterilization – is just an hour and with the Fresh Fruit in the can. The fruits are Packed according to the U. S. A. Food and Drug Administration Standard.

Great Giant Pineapples currently employs approximately 14,000 of workers – both on and off the field in the ultra-modern cans-factory to ensure the labor-intensive cultivation and the daily production capacity of approximately 42 x 20‘ containers. This corresponds to a daily harvest of about 70 tons of pineapple the perfect ripeness, and color.

The factory is certified worldwide by eligible organizations , such as IFS, BRT, BSCI, SA 800, etc.

We look forward for XXX exclusive trade to be a partner of the Great Giant Pineapples.