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With play and Fun..

Children are the worlds Decker and we should support them! With our toys, you can not only have fun, play and cuddle, but also learn something. Learning colors, shapes, Numbers, sounds and animal names is playfully easy. For indoors or outdoors, our toys makes every child's heart beat faster.

Our product range is much broader. Wood toys box in great variety, from simple toys to wooden play kitchen or to the sand. Children can enjoy themselves in a great variety. In addition, provide we also model cars in a large Variation of. Our product portfolio in the area of game were wide and should offer something for everyone. 

Leisure and sports..

Whether for leisure, sports or Festival, we have something for Everyone.

Our product range is growing every year. In great variety, we offer a wide range of leisure products to enjoy. In addition, we also offer small Gimmix in different variations and colors. Our Product Portfolio in the area of leisure should offer something for everyone.