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Everything related to the budget......

Household products are often used in everyday life. As a result, we place high demands on quality and durability.
Our household goods are made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, porcelain and pottery-made, ensuring a variety in the products we have to offer.
Especially in the case of everyday objects is often hidden, as a lot of Know-how in them.

In these areas, we can rely on our experts, who know the markets and can personally and with great commitment ensure that orders are accurate and of the highest quality. The customer places high demands on us that we fulfill. 

From the coffee machine to the vacuum cleaner...

Electrical appliances are an indispensable part of our lives. They are useful and make our lives easier.
The intelligent technology is developing faster every day and innovations advance the market.
What do you wish for today, might already be invented tomorrow, and being build just a few days later, or even printed.
From the Aroma diffuser to the hot glue gun, up to a Mini-sewing machine, our we have a wide range of premium Goods to offer. 

We, of course, is always focus on safety, quality, and conservation of resources,
but also the Design and durability of our products are very important for us. 

We work closely with our production partners to be able to always be on the pulse of time. With a wide range of premium Goods to offer. Not only the present is important to us, of course, also the future. We design our electric devices, high-performance, reliable and user-friendly, from the purchase to the demise of the products, they deliver excellent performance and perform their task smoothly. 

From the Practical to the beautiful...

Decoration and furniture for a cozy home. We offer products for decoration in and around the garden.
With the help of our products you can give your garden your own personal touch.
Our products are specifically designed for Outdoor use, so that we can provide our customers with a high level of quality. 

Our decorative lighting for the garden is designed in compliance with defined quality criteria.
Longevity and durability is our focus, to make sure, even on a rainy autumn day your garden will be fully illuminated.

The time at a glance...

The time is one of the most important physical parameters of our lives and with our watches it will be measured. With stylish wrist watches in different colors for Young and Old. We also offer wall clocks and alarm clocks for you kitchen, bathroom, living room or the bedroom. Due to the various Designs, you will always find the right watch for your room.